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About us


Zahra water company is a national company for the production of clean water in Jordan works in the company's more than ... .. 50 employees to provide water services to a total of 888 thousand citizens and institutions of the kingdom. The company takes into account to achieve the highest levels of quality in the services provided and the speed of responding to complaints in addition to reducing the level of need for water. Central Laboratories and implement monitoring program that strict application of the regulatory system and extensive operational programs on water quality at all stages, starting from the source and even the distribution network to ensure compliance with the specifications of Jordan and standards according to the requirements of the latest international accreditation to ISO specifications.
The company was founded in the beginning of 2000 to take over the responsibility of providing water ě┤services in Jordan in 2009 has been producing cups of water and to expand the company's services to include Mhazat Kingdom and then produce



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